You are preparing for an off-road adventure on your dirt bike. The bike has just been serviced and every nut and bolt has been inspected to reduce the probability of anything going wrong. You have installed new brake pads, a new oil filter, and a new air filter. All you have to do now is go through the adventure inventory checklist to ensure you do not forget anything. Tool kit check, spark plugs check, goggle lenses check, tie-downs check, charger check. 

On your adventure, your big KTM destroys a little Suzuki scooter on road and you fly past a Honda ATV on an enduro trail. You hook a turn and find a Yamaha motocross bike and his owner stranded. The new bike has no fender, blue footpegs, blue handlebars, a sprocket bigger than your head and a flat tire.  Luckily you are armed with a puncture repair kit to save the day! 

A patch kit is small, light, cheap and is essential for any adventure in Australia. These kits include everything you need to fix a punctured tire including co2 cartridges so there is no need for an inflator to achieve the desired tyre pressure. If you do however have tubes it is worth noting that you will require a set of tyre levers to get the job done.

At MXstore we stock a great variety of tire repair kits for both heavy-duty tubes and tubeless repairs. We stock most brands including Ballards, Xtech, MCS, Oxford and more. We also stock tyres, tyre changers, rim tape, and tubes if a tyre repair kit is not sufficient.

So make sure you are not caught off guard by a flat tyre, be prepared and Ride More!