Dirt bike wheels are a super important motorcycle part on any motocross or enduro racing machine. Front wheels and Rear wheels are subjected to extreme forces each time the bike is used and acts as the first point of contact to the ground. Off-road dirt bike rear wheels are what makes the bike drive forward when you get behind the handlebars and twist the throttle. The rear wheel rim is made of high-quality aluminium as is the complete wheel to ensure there are no faults in the machining involved. The rear wheel houses the rear sprocket, rear brake disc, billet rim lock, inner tube, rear-wheel bearings and set of Pirelli Scorpion rubber!

We offer complete wheelsets as well as separate wheels for many makes and models of KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki machine. SM Pro and Talon wheel sets are available to order separately. Whether you are chasing a wheelset for a spare option during practice or race weekends we highly recommend purchasing a new disc brake rotor, rear sprocket, tyres & tubes so you have 2 full complete wheelsets ready to interchange at a moments notice.

Having a second set of motorcycle wheels for your moto is extremely convenient than just your OEM wheels and no 'plan B'. One of the more expensive bike parts to purchase for your machine, however, every racer needs a backup option for hard-pack tracks and sand tracks where a tyre change might be necessary.