We think everyone would agree that when your out doing some motocross or enduro racing, getting a flat front or rear tyre is frustrating. We stock almost 100 different tubes and sizes to suit rear rims with a diameter of 10" to 19". Between all of the world-class brands, we offer to our customers are a range of styles for dirt bike inner tubes such as Heavy duty tubes, Mousse Tubes, Ultra Heavy Duty tubes and Tubeless systems

When your rear tyre gets a pinch or the valve stem fails under pressure its game over unless you have a type valve repair kit to patch the split or even better a spare rear tube. When your offroad and riding trails, the repair kit might be the best fit. If you are a racer and have access to your tool kit we highly recommend carrying a spare dirt bike tube and even rim lock & tyre levers to swap them out. 

We offer an extensive list of top brands like: DunlopMichelinMotozBridgestone just to name a few. We keep them in stock as much as possible so that when you need a quick fixture for your bike we have you covered! 

If you are not sure which size suits your bike, before adding these items to your shopping cart feel free to give our friendly customer service team a call or use the live chat feature on our website!