One of the most important aspects of riding your dirt bike is ensuring you have maximum traction at all times. Tyres are the first thing we change when we are chasing some extra grip on the moto track. Inner tubes are the next best thing to change when changing a set of tyres on your off road motocross or enduro racing machine. We stock a large variety of dirt bike tubes for all sizes of rim and tyre combinations. Tubes are one of the bike parts that are changed regularly in conjunction with a set of new Dunlop MX33 Tyres, available in standard heavy-duty or ultra heavy duty variation for all types of riding on your new Yamaha YZ450-F. Getting behind a set of handlebars knowing you have the best equipment underneath you is a feeling that's second to none!

Front tubes are important and need to be maintained as they are under extreme pressure when hitting jumps and being the first part of the bike to see the next obstacle in line. Heavy-duty tubes are a great idea to add to the list when grabbing yourself a Michelin Starcross 5 front tyre. We offer a selection of Mousse tubes in the mix to offer a wider range of tubes for all makes and models. Whether you ride a Suzuki, KTM or Honda, we will have a tube to fit your machine. Pit bikes, Thumpstars and Mini Bikes can use the same tubes as general dirt bike tubes if you know your tyre size!

We hold a large stock of rear tubes to match the front tube and complete the set on your Honda CRF-450R. Be sure to check out the range of brands on offer such as Dunlop, Michelin, IRC, Vee Rubber and so many more!