If you ride off-road motocross or hard enduro trails we have a huge range of products for you! A super popular aftermarket accessory for your dirt bike would be the lift straps. A simple designed extreme enduro essential which offers a convenient gripping point to add to the front and rear of your dirtbike. We offer a selection of brands such as BallardsKriega and Tugger straps to maximise a new opportunity for a great product grab handle used from only the finest materials. These front and rear tugger straps and very strong with their nylon webbing pattern designed and produced by the leading manufacturers listed previously. 

The front forks are used as the mounting section for the front tugger strap, whereas, the Fender seat bolt and subframe are utilised for the installation of the tow straps. Each brand offers a small application chart to help you correctly secure the dirt bike lift strap! Ballards offer a billet grab handle for the newest model of the KTM EXC range, whereas other brands offer an almost universal fitment for your Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Husqvarna, Sherco, Husaberg or Gas Gas

These grab handles are a super popular aftermarket addition to the enduro motorcycle and have become increasingly useful since the design was first released. The straps are fixed and mounted at two of the strongest sections on the dirt bike and are reliable in any scenario, whether your bike is in thick mud and you need some manpower to dig it out, or if you are in an awkward situation on the side of a hill and need a safe gripping point. We highly recommend checking out the range of lift straps for your motorcycle next time you go out with your mates to hit some of the enduro trails, bush track, or extreme enduro courses!