If you're one of those riders who manages to get themselves into the most awkward of situations every time you go riding, Tugger lift straps are just what you need. Seeing as most bikes don't have any convenient hand holes or grab points for lifting your bike out of difficult positions, the Tugger strap does the hard work for you. With straps available for the front and rear of your machine, simply attach the Tugger Strap and you've got yourself an easy hand hold for when you need to give your bike a quick lift. The Rear Tugger Strap is one of the most popular products in the market for offroad trail riders, and it's no surprise considering the huge advantages they offer for a very affordable price.

We first came across Tugger Straps during our merge with the legendary offroad store Ballards, and they were quick to rave about just how good they were. Geoff Ballard himself was a huge advocate, spending countless hours exploring dirt bike trails around the world and in his backyard down in the Blue Mountains, NSW, he knew firsthand just how useful these little straps were. The Front Tugger Strap in particular is a favourite of ours, for when you're tackling those near impossible vertical hill climbs and your helper in front of you needs somewhere to grab to help haul you onwards and upwards. For a rather simple product, these things are some of the most useful additions any offroad rider could chuck on their machine.