Having a comfortable connection between you and your dirt bike is essential in ensuring you are able to perform as best you can, as well as allowing you to have a good time doing it. And the connection that is made up of your motorcycle handlebars, bike grips, clutch and brake levers and other hand controls is certainly one that you should dial in before attempting any serious form of off road riding. 

Straight up replacing the OEM dirt bike handlebar was usually the first task a rider would make happen once they got their new bike home not too long ago, but this has certainly changed over the last few years with most manufacturers decking out their bikes with high end options from Renthal, Pro Taper or similar straight out of the factory. Still, when it comes time to get yourself into the best body position and most comfortable layout, here at MXstore we certainly help. We have a huge range of bars from both Renthal and Pro Taper, as well as a many others such as ODI, Tag Metals and Neken to name but a few. Across this range of brands, their is a near endless variety of bends available, often named after your favourite established racer to help sway the decision that way. The other thing that needs to be addressed when picking out your bars is the sizing, with most bars offered in either 7/8 or 1 1/8 clamping diameters, so certainly helps determine what ends up in your cart. 

It's not just the bars, their size and the bend that ensure an optimum cockpit setup, but a slew of other ingredients play a part. Whether you pounding laps on the motocross track, or cruising the enduro trails after work, sorting yourself with the right pattern and compound of grips plays a way larger role than many give credit for. Options such as half waffle, full waffle, pillow top and full diamond might sound like gibberish to the general public, but for anyone who knows, these are the difference between arm pump and the best moto ever. If we asked you to run through the variety of motorcycle grips that MXstore offers, it would be quite the task - within our range of dirt bike grips you will find lock-on grips, pillow top grips, diamond grips, dual compound grips - there is certainly quite the range when it comes to motocross grips. If you need to keep those grips securely in place, take a look through our grip glue options, and throw on a set of grip donuts to help make blisters a thing of the past. Bar ends will help get the best life out of your grips by protecting them from any incidents where they may make contact with the ground - and are a compulsory item from many of the governing bodies of Australia to remove the risk of being impaled by your own or someone else's handlebars in the event of a collision. Adding on a new set of handlebar risers can alter your positioning dramatically, and at MXstore we have a range from such suppliers as Ballards, RHK and Zeta, among others. 

Once you've got a riding position dialed in, getting your levers and any switches in the right spot pays dividends. Putting on a set of unbreakable levers is a smart option, as they're designed to pivot upon themselves on impact instead of snapping off and ending a ride early. Mind you, we are more than equipped to set you up with a replacement OEM style lever, as many people do swear by the precise fit and feel of these simpler blades. Certainly worth having a few in the tool box anytime you do head out for a ride, as many a ride has been tarnished by a broken clutch lever or brake lever. Hand guards are a solid option for anyone riding where there is a risk of impact to your hands and controls, and at MXstore we have a massive assortment from which to choose. Enduro oriented models that feature heavy duty spines to prevent from impacts, through to lighter gauge plastic guards to protect from MX roost.