Whether you're off road riding entails hitting the motocross track, or tends to more to enduro laps through the bush, a popular upgrade to your motorbike is a set of hand guards or Barkbusters. As a whole, determining what new products and bike parts you add to the machine really depends on the type of riding you prefer. If you do decide that hand guards are your next purchase, we offer a huge selection of Acerbis, RHK, Cycra, Racetech and Barkbusters handguards. Barkbusters and several other manufacturers also offer the hand guards that feature a solid aluminium brace that deflects impacts and protects the rider's hands from tree strikes and more significant risks. The Barkbusters range also includes various shield options including their VPS, Jet and Ego models. Ensuring you have the appropriate size mounting kits is essential as there are differing handlebar sizes and models. We also offer hand guard spares as well to give you the option of replacing spacers and mount kits in the event of a fall, or of upgrading your components. The assortment of hand guard spares on offer allow you to fix your existing models quickly and on the cheap, without requiring purchasing a full set of barkbusters or handguards in the case of upgrading from 7/8" handlebars to fat bars. Whether you ride a KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki or other model of motorcycle, there is a kit appropriate to your needs.

Hand guards are one of many bike accessories that we recommend to our customers no matter there choice of riding. While shopping with us, take a look through our range of skid plates, bar ends, bolt kits and more that can help ensure your bike is protected as well as you protect yourself. When it comes time to maintain your machine, we have everything that might show up on a rider's wishlist - fill up your shopping cart with spare parts including sprockets, air filters, footpegs, spark plugs, brake pads and oil filters as well as accessories such as tie downs, goggles, knee braces - everything you could ever need for bike or body.