Dirt bike engines are engineered to perfection and utilise the perfect fuel mixture and air ratio in order to output the best performance all year round. These aspects of the dirt bike can be upgraded and tuned to increase the fuel through the Keihin carburetor or fuel injection fuel system on your motocross or enduro bike. We offer a selection of products such as replacement OEM air filters, Pilot Jets / main jets, jetting kits, fuel linefuel filters and spark plugs which can all increase the air/fuel ratio and provide a better power curve on your machine.

Next time you grab some 98 Octane petrol, throw it in the fuel tank and head out to the track to twist that throttle cable all the way open on the handlebar be sure to have an aftermarket twin-air filter for higher air intake and more throttle response. Combining these smaller fuels and air components with a new FMF exhaust and jet kit will change the entire feel of the motorcycle and bring out the powerband in your two strokes or four-stroke machines.

We recommend asking a dirt bike mechanic what the best settings could be for your level of riding and the specific dirt bike you own. The terrain conditions and temperature you ride in can easily affect the dirt bike, so make sure you fine-tune your engine to perfection!