When it comes to motocross and dirt bike exhausts there is one name that perhaps stands above all others - Pro Circuit. Founded in 1978 by Mitch Payton, Pro Circuit is regarded as one of the leaders when it comes to after-market accessories and engine tuning components in the off road racing world. Their reputation for quality and performance has been proven as they have had one the most successful supercross and motocross teams in the American AMA series for the past 3 decades. Legends of the sport such as Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael and soon to be legend Adam Cianciarulo have all spent time under the Pro Circuit awning and continue to utilize Pro Circuit components to this day.

Having gained notoriety for building some of the fastest two stroke race machines throughout the 90's, Pro Circuit continue to offer pipes and silencers for a wide range of 2 stroke exhausts for bikes from the last few decades. A Pro Circuit works pipe has always drawn the eye when your bike is on the stand - but the performance provided from one of these, or the platinum pipe equivalent, when on the track is the real testament to the craftsmanship. Or combining even your OEM expansion chamber with a PC silencer can be all the performance a slow old 125 might need to up the fun factor.

But as 4 strokes have grown in popularity, they have developed a full range of 4 stroke exhaust systems that are regarded as some of the best performing available. Whether you are on a Kawasaki, Yamaha or any another japanese bike, or one of the European Husqvarna or KTM machines, there is pretty much a Pro Circuit exhaust available. Pro Circuit can help you if you are looking to just add on a new slip-on muffler for a bit better throttle response and the obvious drool factor, or you are keen to add on a full system of head pipe and muffler, there are a range of options to in a variety of options in differing materials and prices from which to choose. There are several tiers to the Pro Circuit exhaust systems range - the Ti-6 Pro offering top level performance from a primarily titanium construction, where the Pro Circuit T-6 range features the same engine benefits, but have been made from stainless steel and aluminium to be priced a little more reasonably. A Pro Circuit pipe is certainly quite the bit of bling to add onto your dirt bike, but when Pro Circuit works as well as it does, it certainly helps sway the decision when it comes time to make a purchase.