Hot Rods is a very reputable brand known for its dirt bike engine parts such as complete bottom end kits which include everything from the crankshaft, Hot Rods connecting rods, and OEM gasket replacements to suit the entire engine casing. bottom end rebuild kits are one of the more technical kits to purchase for your dirt bike, whether it be for a rebuild or a repair. The engine rebuild kit has Hot Rods crankshaft assembly, Hot Rods main bearings, crank bearings, transmission bearing kit, and necessary seals kit that fit the OEM specifications of the engine casing.

Hot rods offer water pump seal and water pump repair kits for select model dirt bikes, sold separately to compliment the OEM replacement moto parts that are taken off the moto. Hot Rods' bottom end kit is filled with high-quality parts with extreme durability ratings that exceed the OEM part numbers that are taken from your Honda CR250R. Replacement crankshaft and connecting rod kits are available for many motocross and enduro model machines made by KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki!

These Hot Rods kits are compatible with Top end piston kits made by Vertex and Wiseco if you were chasing the entire engine rebuild kit. We stock hundreds of products combined between these brands so we are likely to have something to suit your make and model of the machine!