Looking for some extra bite in the rear brake of your dirt bike? If so, you've come to the right place. We've got plenty of rear brake pads (and matching for your front brake!) to fit your caliper like a glove, regardless of whether you ride a KTMHonda or any other brand names. Our quality aftermarket pads by brands such as Galfer come in various compounds like sintered and organic to suit your OEM brakes. 

Funnily enough, good braking to help you slow down when you need to is one of the most important things for going fast on your dirt bike and having the right rear brake pads for the job is necessary - it might even be worth considering a new brake disc while you're at it. Motocross is about precision and a precise brake system will help you thrash your goals and your mates. 

There's plenty of how-tos around to give you the DIY boost you need to feel like a champion when doing the relatively easy task of changing brake pads. So pull out a screwdriver, a few other tools and give that steed the love she deserves.

For a few hours of work, why not time your front brake pads & rear brake pads to be done alongside your air filter and oil filter? We have plenty of motorcycle parts for your off-road bike to refresh your brake system and any other parts you're looking to improve. 

If you're feeling ready to swap out the pads in your Honda, Kawasaki or another brand you have (we can even get your quad brakes if you contact our customer service team!) chuck some pads in the cart and get ready to get that dirt bike brake grabbing hard... and ride more!