At MXstore we hold the largest range of dirt bike parts & accessories in Australia. As riders know, there are 2 primary braking systems on an offroad dirt bike. Both the front brake and rear brake which consists of a brake caliper, master cylinder, brake pads, brake line, hydraulic brake fluid, the brake rotor, and brake lever. All of which play an incredibly important part in slowing down or bringing the motorcycle and rider to an immediate stop. The front brake is the strongest of the two as it holds a larger diameter brake disc, ultimately giving the brake pads more surface area to grab and hold at the riders' request. We have a large supply of OEM replacement rotor kits, oversize front rotors and disc guards! 

We offer some of the industry's most sought after brands for your braking needs, these include: EBC sintered brakes, Galfer, Moto-Master, Zeta and more! We have leading brands that offer a spread of disc rotors and brake kits to enhance the performance and capability of your motocross bike. Buying a brand new aftermarket front brake disc can be great for heat resistance and better cooling. We offer a select range of 320mm supermoto discs too!

If you are not sure of which braking products will suit your machine, try out the bike finder on our website . Otherwise give our friendly customer service team a call, send an email or use the new live chat function on our website for more information.