We have all been in the workshop or at the dirt bike track and spotted a missing bolt on our motocross or enduro racing machine at some stage. These bolts are the glue to keeping your machine together and ensuring your fenders, handlebars, callipers, footpegs and everything in between are held firmly to the frame of the motorcycle.

We offer a range of bolt replacements and bolt kits for KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki or Suzuki machinery to ensure your bodywork is held together just like OEM standards. A typical racer will carry a full-sized off road bolt kit and plastics fastener kit wherever they ride. Ensuring they have the necessary replacement when needed. We have smaller track packs that hold a number of fairing bolts and some smaller bolts that might be needed for the 'once-off' replacement, Yamaha YZ, Suzuki RM, Hond CRF, Kawasaki KX and a range of other lock nuts and hex head sprocket bolts are available.

Brands such as Bolt, RHK, Ballards, DRC and Zeta are some of the popular brands included in the line-up. All of which is a high-quality OEM replacement/upgrade for your new 450-YZF or KXF-450. Motorcycle parts that need to be regularly checked are rotor bolts, sprocket bolts, Sump plugs and rim locks. All of which play a huge role in ensuring the dirt bike is running at its optimum performance.