We all love nothing more than convenience when taking our dirt bikes to the track. Generally the use of a Van or a Ute to take the bikes wherever you are riding for the weekend. Dirt bike carriers are an amazing option for people who do not own or have no access to these vehicles or a trailer. Motorcycle carriers are a popular option to attach to the hitch mount on most vehicles and offer an easy way to take your motorbike to the track! Tie-downs are not needed for the heavy-duty steel motorcycle carrier.

The carrier racks simply slide into the hitch receiver in substitute for the towbar to offer a safe and secure option for hauling your machine to each destination. The Bike rack offers a wheel chock like design as a locking device to ensure your new Honda CRF450R doesn't jump out of the hitch carrier! We offer a range of accessories for the dirt bike rack such as a support bracket to ensure the dirt bike does not wobble, as well as offering anti-tilt. As well as a light kit to ensure you are adhering to the transporting laws and displaying your braking lights and indicators.

Provided in the Ballards motocross bike carrier is an attachment for a loading ramp. A loading ramp is not provided as the length would need to change for every vehicle depending on ground clearance. We provide the necessary attachment for the bike carrier side of your custom loading ramp. The Dirt bike carriers have a weight capacity and generally only fit a standard size motocross bike. Meaning Scooters, Road bikes, and Adventure bikes will not fit on the design of the carrier.