Troy Lee Designs wrist braces will give you that extra level of protection for your wrists in the event of a crash or collision. if you're nursing a wrist injury, have an old one that you'd rather not have flare up again, or want to prevent it from happening all together in the first place, then this is the bit of protective gear that'll get the job done and keep your wrists safe and secure. TLD wrist braces are constructed of ventilated neoprene that has a reinforced binding and close-fitting micro-fiber synthetic leather palms to give it that glove-like feeling. Utilizing Shock Doctor technology, along with an adjustable stay system that gives you the ultimate stability and support, this MX wrist brace will fit great and stay put for a full day of riding.

Sold separately in left and right options, in epic designs that have the TLD flair all over them, these wrist braces will be your new favourite bit of protective equipment that'll be there when you need it most. Check out the full range of Troy Lee wrist braces today and get covered in premium quality protective gear that could save your wrists from a world of hurt without inflicting pain on your bank account.