One thing comes to mind when you set your sights on a Troy Lee Designs helmet - what a beauty! Although its spectacular form may leave you wondering if its actually a helmet or a magnificent work of art that you would hang on your wall, one thing is for certain - these things function like a boss. This is a perfect example of form meets function, and both are done exceptionally well. Without a doubt one of the most gifted artists in the industry, Troy not only creates impressive designs that have seen the likes of Jeremy McGrath running a custom version of but is also packed full of innovative technology that years of R&D have achieved. Available in a number of different price points, including the SE5 Carbon, SE5 Composite, SE4 Poly and GP lines, of which offer premium head protection across the whole series.

When you want to run one of the most epic looking bits of kit on your head but can't afford the premium range then check out the Troy Lee Designs GP Helmets for a great helmet without the hefty price tag. Being riddled with features and looking like a work of art, it still baffles us how they have managed to keep these helmets at such a low price point. Available for the kids as well, there's something to suit the whole family.

The Troy Lee Designs SE5 Composite helmet is their mid-range helmet offering lightweight, comfortable protection for your noggin that will last through the seasons. This helmet offers the ultimate in breathability through its 20 intake ports that channels cool air through the riders head forcing hot, sweaty air out through the 6 rear exhaust ports. For a comfortable dry ride, you can't go wrong.

When all you want is the best then check out our Troy Lee Designs SE5 carbon helmet range that will have you riding with ease all day long. Constructed of carbon, this helmet is seriously barely-there and will have you feeling like you forgot to put it on in the first place. Every effort has gone into making all components of this helmet exceptionally comfortable and has some of the best designs out of the whole Troy Lee Designs helmet ranges.