If you're looking for a lightweight flexible jersey that won't break the bank then look no further. Troy Lee Designs moto jerseys are an epic mix of function meets aesthetics with some pretty epic colourways to choose from! These colours seriously pop and will have you standing out coming over the finish line every time.

Choose from the entry-level Troy Lee Designs GP jerseys for a comfortable, flexible ride or for a bit more wind beneath your wings opt for the airier version with more vent, the GP Air jersey range. Micro-mesh fiber in both of these options ensures that the TLD jersey's are super lightweight and flexible. Amazing ventilation in the TLD Air range combined with a design that provides unrestricted movement ensures you'll be riding all day in comfort. Despite being at a lower price point, TLD have no compromise on quality, delivering a durable, hard wearing product every time. 

For next level riding pleasure have a look at our Troy Lee Designs SE PRO jersey range for superior comfort and bulletproof durability. These jerseys have been developed for the fastest riders in the moto game and let us assure you, they are yet to disappoint. These jerseys are super lightweight flexible, using the most advanced technologies in the motocross industry. Also available in both the standard SE PRO range or SE PRO Air for warmer climates, you'll be sure to find something to suit your premium jersey needs.