Building on the success of the Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS boots, the Crossfire 3 takes a new approach to designing a premium motocross boot. Carrying over only the renowned Sidi cam lock buckles and straps from the Crossfire 2, the Crossfire 3 boot has a redesigned interior that encompasses a larger calf area, offering a different kind of fit to the Crossfire 2. With a bunch of all new features on offer in the Crossfire 3, this thing was an immediate hit with both professional and recreational riders alike. Glowing reviews spoke of their immediate comfort straight from the box, which is a huge factor when it comes to investing in a new set of MX boots. Flexibility, comfort, and performance were at the forefront of the Crossfire 3's development, and these things have knocked every single one of them on the head. A guaranteed winner!

As with all Sidi boots, the Crossfire 3 is designed as a premium motocross boot, and the safety features of the boot reflect that. There's a reason why motocross legends like Antonio Cairoli and Thomas Covington choose to ride with the Crossfire 3 - they offer high end protection in a boot that simply screams performance. We're all about safety here at MXstore, and the Crossfire 3 boots get the nod every day of the week from us. Enjoy browsing our range of Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS boots, and remember, any order over $20 will qualify for free shipping, meaning no matter where you are in Australia, your boots will be heading your way completely free of charge. Happy days! Ride Safe legends.