Having dominated the European market long ago, Sidi Boots have since gone global, and one of the main drivers behind their popularity and success is their Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS boot range. Few other pieces of protective equipment in the industry have seen the technological superiority on display in a set of these beauties. The Sole Replacement System has this boot in a class of its own, giving riders the ability to swap out soles in a matter of minutes, depending on whatever kind of riding you're getting involved with on the day. Anyone serious about the sport of motocross knows that you can't put a price on safety, and when it comes to the protection of your feet and ankles, the Crossfire 2 SRS boots will not let you down.

MXstore has long been a fan of the Sidi Crossfire 2's. The replaceable parts, the advanced technology, the comfort and fit and the styles and colours, these things are some of the freshest boots you will ever lay eyes on. Our very own product guru Alex got on the microphone to run you through the features and benefits of these amazing boots, so check out the video below and see for yourself. We won't be too harsh on the guy as it was his first go at a product review, but we'll let the boots speak for themselves when it comes to just how good these things really are.