Sidi has been creating sports footwear since its inception way back in 1960, when Dino Signori opened a workshop for manufacturing mountain sports footwear. Some 10 years later, in 1970, Dino took his passion for creating innovative products and combined it with his love for anything on two wheels to create what would one day become one of the most highly regarded names in motorcycle footwear. Combining innovation with a half-century of experience, Sidi branched out from its Italian roots to take their boots all over the world become to global sporting footwear powerhouse that it is today. Leading the charge for Sidi motocross boots for the last decade (give or take a few years) has been MXGP legend Antonio Cairoli, and Sidi have been supporting him from the ground up for every single one of his eight world championships. 

While there's several brands that come to mind when you think of premium motocross boots, Sidi lay claim to the title of best boot in motocross with their unique SRS system. Indeed, the Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS boots have long been widely considered the best motocross boot that money can buy, and it's only in recent times that that claim has begun to be disputed. Why? The arrival of the Crossfire 3 SRS. Completely redesigned from the Crossfire 2 SRS, the Crossfire 3 SRS offers a uniquely different take on what it takes to put together a premium motocross boot. The crew here at MXstore have put both to the test with varying results, with some riders preferring the Crossfire 2, and some preferring the Crossfire 3. Which is fitting, because Sidi has decided to run the boots as parallel lines, rather than predecessor and successor. Two premium boots, depending on your personal preferences. Either way, once you put a set of either of these boots on your feet, you won't ever want to take them off. 

As with any premium piece of protective equipment, it's important to have a range of spare parts and accessories available. Sidi took it to the next level though, producing a seemingly endless amount of coloured spares and accessories to trick your boots out completely to suit your own style. Replacement straps, buckles, strap passes, shin plates, rear covers, toe caps, and (most importantly) replacement soles for both the SRS boots and the traditional stitched sole boots. Here at MXstore, we stock the most comprehensive range of Sidi motocross boot spares in the country, so if you're looking to trick up your boots, or replace any damaged or missing parts, look no further than MXstore!