The Sidi Crossfire 2 boots are very similar to the Crossfire 2 SRS boots, except these come with a stitched sole, rather than the unique sole replacement system seen in the SRS models. Call it personal preference or call it style, some people just prefer one to the other. The Crossfire 2 features all the same groundbreaking technologies on offer as seen in the SRS line, just without the screw in replaceable soles. You can still replace the soles, certainly, it's just a matter of hitting up your local cobbler (they're still a thing, we googled it) and getting the new soles stitched on rather than screwed in.

Not many MX boots come close in terms of performance when compared to the Sidi Crossfire 2 line, and they sit comfortably up near the top of the food chain when it comes to the best motocross boots money can buy. Check out the product pages for a full list of technologies and safety features on offer in the Sidi Crossfire 2 boots, but believe us when we tell you, these things are more than worth the price tag. You don't want to be taking chances when it comes to lower leg injuries, and as common as they in the sport of dirt bike riding, rest assured that chucking a set of Crossfire Boots on your feet will go a long way towards ensuring you are as well protected as you can possibly be.

Spend over $20 on Sidi Crossfire 2 Boots and your order will be winging it's way to you anywhere in Australia care of MXstore's free shipping option, so don't stress about paying extra fee's to get your boots sent to you! Happy shopping legends, and as always, Ride Safe.