When it comes to motocross and supercross there are few names that hold a candle to Jeff Emig. The multi time AMA SX and MX champion has had a long and illustrious racing career featuring numerous titles and race wins. With that pedigree, it goes without saying that the ODI Grips range that feature the Emig name would then certainly pack a high level of performance. ODI Emig grips were the first to bring the Lock-On grip system to the off road world of motocross and enduro. With ODI already established as a leader in the bicycle market where the benefits of the new technology have seem this new grip technology adopted across the market, it seems fitting that they brought it to the dirt bike setting.

Where traditional grips use a mix of grip glue and being wired to the bar with safety wire to ensure they stay in place, Emig V2 Lock grips feature a motocross grip out with a plastic inner sleeve that fits over the handlebar on the clutch side, and replaces the actual throttle tube. Once fitted several allen key bolts are tightened to offer slip free performance, or held in place by the ODI throttle cam. Featuring simple installation, removal without waiting for glue to be removed which then allows a new pair to be fitted easily. Available now in either the Emig Pro or ODI Emig V2 Lock On, both styles feature knurled pattern Emig design, a medium diameter with some styles offering the traditional waffle pattern. Offering a universal fitment these grips should be high up on the wishlist of every rider, whetehr you are on a Honda, KTM or Yamaha motocross bike or a Husqvarna or Kawasaki enduro machine.