We hold a huge range of heavy-duty inner tubes for motocross and enduro dirtbikes to ensure we have a fitment for you if you get a puncture through your sidewall. However, Mousse Tubes are a new feature to the motorcycle industry that eliminates the need for a standard heavy-duty tube. These Mousse tubes are like a bulletproof vest for your tyres and can resist even the harshest punctures.

Nitro mousse tubes enhance the capability, feel and life of the standard tubliss system. Mousse tubes run an extremely low-pressure range from approximately 4-8 psi. The Nitro Mousse uses an incredibly tough micro-matrix of proprietary elastomers to minimise the dead feeling riders sometimes experience when using Mousse Tubes. The Solid foam product eliminates the possibility of a puncture and gives an almost flat-proof system which is worth the extra expense over a standard heavy-duty tube. Nitro Mousses are compatible with the worlds leading tyre manufacturers such as DunlopMichelinBridgestoneKenda, Pirelli and more! These products are a must for your wishlist next time you decide to give the bike a makeover. Your first ride on these tubes will be on another level when you don't have to worry about pinching a standard inner tube!