NGK have been manufacturing spark plugs for a wide range of motorized devices since 1936. No matter the type of vehicle you own, NGK manufacture a spark plug to bring it to life. If it is a dirt bike, a scooter or Harley Davidson, there is a NGK spark plug up to the task. For all the motocross, ATV and off road users, we stock a huge range of dirt bike spark plugs here at MXstore, in among one of the largest ranges of bike parts in Australia. If your bike keeps fouling plugs and you need to replace it with something a little higher performing like an NGK Iridium spark plug, or your just after a standard spark plug as the time has come to replace, take a look through the massive range we have in stock. Whether you are on a Yamaha or KTM 2 stroke machine, or a Honda or Kawasaki 4 stroke, we have the parts that will be on your maintenance wish list. As well as all the engine parts, air filters and oil filters you might need to keep your bike running, we also have a huge assortment of specialized tools to help make the task of maintaining your dirt bike as easy as it can be.