NGK - Nippon Gaishi Kaisha (Japan Insulator Company) Spark Plug Co. Ltd. Was founded by Magoemon Ezoe in Nagoya, Japan in 1936 after visiting Car and spark plug factories while on a trip to the USA.

Now a publicly listed company which employs over 10,407 people, NGK is a global company and has major offices all over the world including 13 production sites.  

In 2003 NGK began distributing Japanese Suspension Company KYB Shock Absorbers, a name renowned in the motorcycle industry for premium quality adding to their already deeply established roots in motorsport.

NGK Spark plugs are also used by a variety of Formula One teams including Ferrari, McLaren and Sauber. NGK’s development of Iriduim alloy saw the evolution of spark plugs which are more suited for today’s high-tech, high performance engines. NGK Iridium Spark Plugs have an extremely high melting point and are the choice of professional racers all over the globe.