Leatt is renowned for their exceptionally safe protective gear for both MX and MTB and has been protecting riders since 2001 with the inception of its industry-first MX neck brace. The company continues to grow in leaps and bounds and has since introduced many other revolutionary products into the mix to ensure the safest riding experience for racers around the globe. After absolutely nailing their flagship neck brace product, Leatt has since poured countless hours of R&D into creating what we consider the safest helmet on the market. 

The technological advancements displayed in this magical melon protector far exceeds anything else on the market which is why Leatt continue to be the innovators in their field. One thing you'll find in a Leatt helmet is 360° Armourgel® Turbine concussion and brain rotation safety technology, this thing literally protects not only your head but also whats inside it. Cheek pads that are made from a low friction material make taking the helmet off easy in the event of a crash, and the helmets peak is designed to break away in an accident to prevent unnatural rotation. 

There are various price points on offer to make owning a Leatt helmet assessable to a wider range of riders. The only difference between the Leatt GPX 5.5 and GPX 6.5 is the shell. The 5.5 is constructed of composite materials and weights approx 100g more than the 6.5. Both are seriously lightweight, highly ventilated MX helmets designed by a company that is obsessed with safety, you really can't look anywhere else.