If its one thing that the Leatt brand do well (among many other things) it's their range of MX knee braces. This company is literally obsessed with safety and considers minimising injuries, downtime, and fatalities their number one priority. We receive countless reviews and feedback on peoples lives having been saved or injuries avoided by wearing this gear in the event of a stack. Leatt knee braces make up a massive part of this feedback due to the revolutionary design that offers a higher level of protection than other traditional 'cage type' designs. 

The knee brace is often considered a non-essential bit of protective gear and is usually not considered until its too late and the damage has been done. Let us assure you, the knee is one of the body's most complex joints and is not something that heals overnight. If your lucky enough you might get away with not having to have surgery but either way you're looking at months of downtime and possibly years of it still not being 'right'. Avoid it in the first place by bracing up with a pair of Leatt knee braces that are packed full of advanced technology to keep your knees niggle free and nice. Check out our knee brace buying guide for a more in-depth look at the knee, just how troublesome they can be, and how to treat them fairly.