Fox MX socks are your one stop shop for premium moto socks that are of such high quality that you won't need to buy any more anytime soon. We all know that you get what you pay for in regards to socks and undies. All too often you take your chances with cheap underwear and give it another crack, because surely by now technology has advanced and cheap stuff has gotten better, right? Ah, well it's still pretty incorrect in our experience. Cheaper acrylic socks will last you a few months until they start losing their elastic or getting loose and holey, and no one likes that. Available for both the adults and kids alike, there are moto socks here for the whole family!

Fox Coolmax socks are available in both thick and thin versions depending on the level of thickness you prefer. This fabric is designed to keep you cool and dry all day with rock-solid durability that will last the test of time. This line-up of MX socks is available in a huge range of colours and statement designs and its super soft fabric construction will have your feet feeling nice and cushioned and ready for another day of riding. 

Fox Fri socks are your lightweight moto sock option that has that barely-there non-bulky feel that still offers premium protection from blisters and uncomfortable boots. Anatomically placed padding will keep your critical bits cushioned and arch support gives you that snug, secure feeling for arches that like to fall or get sore. Articulated construction gives you that precise fit that you want in your pair of socks.

Fox Proforma knee brace socks have an extra long design for use with a knee brace (which we highly recommend investing in). Covering up to your mid-thigh, these socks protect your legs from chaffing or rubbing from your knee braces or guards. Read up more on knee braces and their importance in our knee brace buying guide. A pair of socks that come right up to your mid-thigh might sound like a recipe for overheating and sweating up a storm but Fox was one step ahead of the game when they designed these. With the sweat factor in mind, the Proforma sock range was constructed with a flexible, ventilated upper with a nicely padded lower and moisture control features. 

Check out the full range of Fox MX socks today and see the difference a good quality pair of moto socks makes to your life and riding ability!