Fox Coolmax socks are a terrific option for those seeking a super comfy pair of performance moto socks that offers superior comfort and joy that you would expect from the Fox brand. Utilizing industry-leading Coolax® material which is available in both thick and thin versions depending on the level of thickness you prefer, your feet will stay cool and dry for a full day of riding for seasons to come. This durable, performance-ready sock is built for friction absorption and moisture control, and its quality construction will last the test of time and multiple wears. 

The thin version provides a minimal bulk, barely there feel for more freedom while the thicker sock provides an excellent level of padding and comfort. When you're after a reliable pair of moto socks that wick moisture away like a boss and are available in multiple options for a personalised fit and feel then you really can't go wrong. Available in an epic line-up of colourways and designs you'll be sure to find a Fox sock that suits your style. Check out the full range today for one of the comfiest moto socks you'll ever experience.