Fox Fri socks are a great choice for under boot wear that is a perfect blend of comfort and protection to have your feet covered for a full day of riding. Constructed of Coolmax® fabric these moto socks will ensure your feet stay cool and dry no matter the riding conditions. Their thin design with anatomically placed padding provides a bulk-free feeling that still feels secure with more than adequate protection. Although thin and lightweight, these motocross socks are still super durable and constructed of top quality products by a brand that delivers exceptional motocross products time and time again. 

If you like a nice dry ride without feeling like your feet are sitting in 2 feet of sweat in blister city then wick it up with a pair of Fri socks to avoid any such scenarios. You'll literally feel like you've got a couple of hand dryers attached to your feet, but cool ones, not ones that would leave you with 2nd-degree burns, resulting in blisters. And there we go again - blisters, the result of many unfortunate events including hand dryer burns. Let's be real though, that's a fairly unlikely story but blisters from poor quality or old motocross socks are definitely a thing and are a frequent burden on peoples riding experiences. Everyday riders are dropping off the track like flies, in too much pain to keep going.

Let a pair of Fox Fri socks take the pain away so you can keep riding without limitations and having to stop for a foot recovery break every 10 minutes. Leave the blister popping pins at home and chuck a pair of these bad boys in your cart. It's the smartest investment decision you'll ever make.