We may be speaking from experience here but when it comes to one of the worst motocross injuries that can happen when you take a tumble, we reckon it's knee injuries. There's so much that can go wrong with these little suckers and healing time can be longer than one would find convenient. Funnily (or maybe not so funny) enough knee injuries are generally preventable with the use of a good quality set of motocross knee guards. Once you've done your knee once you've usually set an unfortunate trend and history tends to repeat itself. This is the reason why you often you hear of people having had multiple knee re-constructions and is proof that prevention is paramount to keeping your knees safe. 

For the best knee protection, we recommend Fox Titan Pro knee guards. With its extensive coverage of the shin, knee, and lower thigh It's got your lower limbs seriously covered. Without getting too technical this is achieved via a 3-piece hinged and floating knee cup that is seamlessly joined by a dual pivoting bio-mechanic hinge. If that seemed like a bit of a mouthful than its probably because it was. At the risk of downplaying how much technology is in this gear, in simple terms, it delivers central, stay-put coverage throughout the entire range of motocross motion.

As for the little ones (as robust as they are) need just as much, if not more protective gear than adults. Having a no-fear/invisible attitude at that age has them doing some cringe-worthy things that you may find hard to watch. Eliminate such moments of anxiety by adding a set of Fox Titan Pee Wee knee guards to your child's protective gear. You don't want a knee injury following them into adult-hood and haunting their sporting career, potentially preventing them from turning into a top athlete. So do you and your family a favour and protect your kids from top to toe (without leaving any bits out in between) with a pair of Fox knee guards.