Fox Titan Pee Wee knee guards are the perfect piece of peace of mind to put on your little ones to ensure their knees are protected! A busted knee will follow them around for years and is one of the most important parts of their body (besides the head) to keep safe. Take it from us, here at MXstore quite a few of us have been through knee injuries that still linger around and require surgery. They never really fully recover. Avoid it in the first place and pad your kids up with some top-quality Fox knee guards for the ultimate knee and shin protection. 

Suitable for the 4-9-year-olds, and available in a range of colours, these knee guards tick all the boxes if your looking for premium knee protection for the kiddies. To give them that extra bit of confidence and peace of mind for you check out the range of Fox Titan Pee Wee elbow guards to prevent elbow injuries, bumps and grazes. 

Check out the full Fox Titan Pee Wee range today and ensure the kids are safe when racing around the track or hitting the trails!