Fox Titan Pro knee guards are one of the most reliable premium set of MX knee guards on the market that will go with you anywhere and won't be a hindrance or restrict mobility. If you're after an efficient knee guard system that moves with your body then these are the knee guards for you. This little bit of protective gear covers your shin, knee and lower thigh with a 3-piece hinged and floating knee cup supported by an advanced hinge. In a nutshell - these guards aren't going anywhere. Super secure and comfy, these guards will be one of your favourite bits of gear that will save you from a busted knee. 

Whether your new to motocross, a weekend warrior, or a seasoned veteran, you'll have a fair idea of just how long a knee injury puts you out for. It really is one of the worst injuries you can do due to recovery time and repeated surgeries to get it right. Take it from us,  here at MXstore quite a few of us have endured the not so fun experience of blowing your knee, which never really comes right again. 

The best advice we can give anyone is to get a good quality MX helmet, boots, and knee guards or braces. Obviously, the more protective equipment you wear the better off you are but if you aren't in the financial position to get every bit of protective gear on offer than at least invest in decent quality gear for the regions you least want to injure. These may vary from person to person but some of the worst injuries involve the head and knees. Read up more about knee injuries and prevention in our Knee Brace Buying Guide

Check out the full range of Fox Titan Pro knee guards today and protect an existing injuring or prevent it in the first place!