Founded in 1982 with the intention of revolutionizing the sport of motocross EVS has gone on to produce safety equipment that is tested, used, and trusted by some of the biggest names in the sport including Travis Pastrana, Kyle Peters, and Chase Sexton. Shoulder injuries like rotator cuff injuries and ac joint injuries can occur in any sport but are common in motocross. A shoulder support brace is a great product that helps with shoulder stabilization by offering a high level of support for the injured shoulder and reducing the range of motion.

Shoulder supports like the SB03 shoulder support feature x-strap technology as well as the gripper pull-tabs and an adjustable arm closure design that aims to reduce underarm chaffing and leave the armpit area uncovered. Shoulder braces can be used on either the right shoulder or left shoulder, they are generally made from neoprene or a breathable air mesh construction with some form of adjustable Velcro. Shoulder braces are available for arms of all sizes from XS - XXL just refer to the size chart to see if your 22" biceps fit the X-large or the XX-large brace.

At MXstore we have the best shoulder braces, shoulder support systems, and knee braces in stock from all top brands including Leatt, EVS sports, TLD, etc. If you would like any additional information or customer reviews on the technology systems of the product before adding it to your wishlist or checkout, head over to the EVS website. Avoid shoulder pain by using a brace or support as a stabilizer so you can focus on riding more!