The Atlas Broll Neck Brace lineup is a beauty, designed for the smallest of riders out there, with a chest circumference of around 53-63cm. The name Broll comes from the hybrid of a Neck Brace and a Neck Roll, which is exactly what the Broll is. These youngsters are too small to enjoy the features of a full sized neck brace but want something that offers a little more protection than a neck roll, so the Broll takes the best of both worlds and puts them into a single product. The Broll design offers a lower profile for small children who are often riding with kids helmets, meaning a more seamless integration. The new Broll also offers 30% lower weight than the previous model and features an all new Easy Open system, for simple entry and exit with the push of a button.

Whilst the technology on offer in the Atlas Broll Neck Brace range is impressive, the Broll in itself is even more impressive. Very few brands offer this unique hybrid of a product, and Atlas take immense pride in ensuring that no matter how young or small your little ones are, they have the protection available to ensure their safety is in good hands. We all know dirt bikes are dangerous, but by maximizing the kids protective gear available out there and ensuring they have everything they need, we can go a long way to ensuring the future of our sport can enjoy it without needless injuries from lack of protection. We're massive on safety here at MXstore, and we're super stoked to be able to offer a product like the Atlas Broll to our loyal customers. We hope you find what you're after, and as always legends, Ride Safe.