Alpinestars is a name synonymous with racing at the highest level across pretty much every discipline of motorsport. The Alpinestars logo has been seen on the biggest names of F1, MotoGP, superbikes and of course motocross. For many years in the motocross and supercross world Alpinestars were known for their high end boots that adorned such iconic riders as Roger DeCoster, Jeremy McGrath and Jeff Emig. Nowadays, Alpinestars is a head to toe motocross gear provider, but very much still focused on the pieces of protective gear that they built their reputation on for over 50 years.

The Alpinestars 2020 range is one of the most substantial offerings that we have here at MXstore. From head to toe the quality and level of protection that comes with the Alpinestars gear is very hard to beat. In recent years Alpinestars developed their high end dirt bike helmets the S-M10 and SM-8, which are now seen on some of the sports current superstars. These helmets are very much the equivalent in the helmet space as to what the Alpinestars Tech-10 boots and Tech 7 boots are in their boot range, well thought out and well engineered to perform and protect at the highest levels. Talking about MX boots, the Tech 10 and 7 are the brands higher end boot models, but the many of the technologies and features that have been refined in these more expensive models have trickled down to appear in the lower end Tech 5 and Tech 3 offerings. Alpinestars understands that not everyone is after the absolute highest end offering, but still want an item that offers significant protection, so are able to offer models for both senior and junior riders that do so.

The 2020 Alpinestars off road gear range works in much the same way - offering a variety of options from the highest tech and engineered pants and jerseys for the elite racer down to a more sensible everyday offering that works for general riders. The Alpinestars Supertech riding gear is the pinnacle of the Alps motorcycle gear range. Offering moisture-wicking materials, breathability, flex panels and athletic tailoring, this gear range adheres to the Alpinestars motocross vision. The Techstar gear range comes next, offering many of the features and poly-fabric materials of the higher end of town, but with a bit more spacious fit, and a wider variety of design options. The Racer Tech Compass and Flagship, Racer Supermatic, Racer Tactical and Racer Braap continue down the range, all offering a capable option at gradually more affordable pricing. There is pretty much a gear set to suit every rider, budget and colour scheme in the Alps range.

Alpinestars has made their name in protecting the fastest racers in the world of motocross, ATV or enduro racing. A fair proportion of the items that do that are what is available to the everyday rider, from their Bionic neck brace, their range of knee braces and knee guards, chest protectors and Alpinestars body armour. Alpinestars also offer a solid assortment of base layer options to make sure that you are as comfortable as you can be on the bike, under whatever layers of protection you elect to utilize. If you are picking up any items from the Alpinestars range, do yourself a favour and grab an Alpinestars gear bag to gather everything together. They have several models available, and do the job of keeping all your bits and pieces together and in good nick. 

We stock a massive range of Alpinestars rider gear here at MXstore. If you need any assistance in deciding what gear or boots will best serve you, don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team. We have size charts for most items in the Alps range, and gift vouchers if you're looking to grab something for a loved one.