Alpinestars are a leader in the motocross and enduro industry. Providing some of the most sought-after dirt bike gear on the market to riders of all skill levels. Alpinestars Tech 8 RS Boots are one of the most popular off-road boots available. Alpinestars are highly accredited and used by the best racers globally to protect their ankles. They offer a unique material pattern on the inner side of the boot to increase abrasion resistance against the motorcycle plastics combined with a contoured shin plate to provide one of the most comfortable motocross boots on the market. Alpinestars boots all have an exclusive high grip footpeg area on all motocross and enduro boots with their dual-density rubber outsole.

The superior comfort in the Tech 8 RS Boot is configured by the microfiber inner boot material from the top of the boot down to the low profile toe box. The ankle area is heavily weaved with material to ensure superior impact protection from the side. The breathable textile construction throughout the inner boot construction offers a dual compound layer of comfort and breathable mesh. To ensure there is minimal sweat build up around your feet. The hard polymer compound surrounding the exterior of the boot is a high modulus polymer that offers a unique heel guard, superb grip, and unrivalled levels of safety in this MX boot. The shock-absorbing gel inserts combined with the ankle features and effective seal velcro at the top of the boot ensure there is a 'no dirt entry' policy at all times to provide maximum comfort and prevent excessive water from finding its way to your feet. Alpinestars use a unique synthetic material chassis in all of their Tech 3, Tech 5, Tech 7, Tech 8 and Tech 10 Boots to provide a high grip sole on even the toughest tracks. Alpinestars have always known to use only the premium materials and always bringing out a new buckle closure system with quick-release latches to blow the field away.