Motocross Wrist Braces: Why You Need One

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Motocross Wrist Braces: Why You Need One  main image

Wrist braces are somewhat a new innovation in the motocross industry, and they've quickly become a popular piece of protective equipment amongst the best riders in the sport who are nursing a wrist injury or bouncing back from one. So why should you consider one? Let us explain.

What is a motocross wrist brace? 
A motocross wrist brace is exactly what it sounds like - it's a brace for your wrist. A wrist brace is an optional piece of protective gear, and it's predominantly used by riders who have ongoing or previous wrist injuries.

What does a motocross wrist brace do? 
A wrist brace for motocross works very much in the same way as a knee brace, as it helps to prevent hyperextension as well as proving additional support. Just like knee braces, there are different types of wrist braces, so the level of support and protection will differ from model to model (more on that below). 

When you crash, your hands are usually the first part of your body to hit the ground, which can put some serious forces through your wrists, resulting in either bone or ligament damage. 

This is where a wrist brace comes in, as it supports the wrist in such instances, and helps to stop your wrist from overstretching. 

Do I need a motocross wrist brace? 
Wrist braces are typically at the bottom of the list when it comes to dirt bike protection and are typically used by riders that are bouncing back from a wrist injury, or are riding with a strained or weakened wrist. Riders in these scenarios will benefit the most from a wrist brace.

If you don't have a wrist injury, that doesn't mean you should consider a wrist brace - they're designed to prevent injuries, and can be used as another level of protection when riding or racing motocross.

Will a wrist brace prevent movement when riding?
As a wrist brace prevents hyperextension, so your wrist movement on the bike will be limited and it will take some getting used to. You'll still have adequate movement on the handlebars to twist the throttle and grab the controls, although we'd recommend doing some practice hitouts with the brace on before getting to race day if possible.

What are the different types of motocross wrist braces? 
When it comes to motocross wrist braces, there are generally two types: braces and stabilisers. 

Wrist braces are the latest development introduced to motocross, and they're generally made of a composite construction with extensive strapping (again, very much like a knee brace!), while there will also be an adjustable locking system at the wrist joint to limit range of motion. The locking mechanism and strapping are designed to provide the maximum amount of wrist support. 

​Popular wrist braces include the Mobius X8 Wrist Brace and Allsport Dynamic IMC Sport Wrist Brace

The alternative wrist stabiliser comes more in the form of strapping, providing wrist support through a number of strategically placed straps. A wrist stabiliser is often a much more affordable option, however it doesn't prove the same level of protection as a wrist brace.

Popular wrist stabilisers include the Troy Lee Designs Wrist Braces, Bioskin DP2, and EVS WB01.

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