The Ultimate Guide To Handguards

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You've probably seen your favourite motocross or enduro racer using handguards, and you might be thinking why they're using them and if you should be using them too. In this ultimate guide, we delve into everything you need to know about dirt bike handguards.

Why should I use handguards?

Whether you're ripping around the motocross track or blasting through the trails, dirt bike handguards are an accessory that serve to protect your hands. Handguards are fairly common amongst motocross riders to protect their hands and fingers from roost and debris, while they are a must-have for enduro and off-road riders, where there they provide protection from things like trees and shrubs.

What are the different types of handguards?

There are two different types of handguards - the traditional type that is essentially a hand shield, and the wrap-around style that also has a plastic hand shield, but also features an aluminium bar that wraps around your hand from the bar-end to the handguard mount.

I ride motocross, which handguards should I choose?

If you're riding or racing motocross, the traditional style plastic MX handguard is the best and only option. The traditional style of motocross handguards is often lightweight and offers great protection from flying roost. We highly recommend installing a set of handguards, especially if you're riding in rocky, sandy and muddy conditions, as they'll not only keep your hands safe, but keep them much cleaner.

I ride enduro, which handguards should I choose?

If you're riding enduro, the wrap-around style handguard is recommended and is a popular selection amongst off-road riders. Enduro riders can choose the traditional motocross style, however the wrap-around handguard, such as the offerings from Barkbusters, offer greater protection for ripping through the bush, where you might come into contact trees, shrubs and other bits of nature. They also prevent your front brake lever from engaging if you do snag a branch or tree, plus you won't be able to break any levers if you suffer a fall kilometres away from your car.

How do I install dirt bike handguards?

Installing dirt bike handguards is a relatively simple process, and while some have slightly different ways of being mounted to the handlebars, they generally require same the process and steps.

Step 1: The first step is to loosen your controls - so your brake and clutch lever, killswitch, electric starter etc. You don't need to remove them, they just need to be loose as you'll probably need to move them around to accommodate your handguards and the mount kit.

Step 2: After you've loosened them off, it's now time to dummy up the handguards and make any changes needed. Some handguards have a mounting arm that's designed to go under or over the bars, so evaluate what is going to work best for your bike. If you have wrap-around handguards, you'll need to make sure the end of your grips are cut out to allow for the bar-end mount that the aluminium bar will attach to.

Step 3: Now it's time ensure everything is tensioned correctly and secured - make sure your levers are at your preference and are working accordingly, and ensure the handguards aren't too far down or too far up, and don't interfere with your levers.

What are the best handguard brands?

There are many exceptional handguard brands in our range, including Acerbis, Cycra, Barkbusters, Zeta, RHK, Polisport and Racetech.

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