How to Install a Tokyomods Cam Chain Tensioner

How-To Guides & Tutorials  |  12 August 2020

How to Install a Tokyomods Cam Chain Tensioner main image

Bike maintenance extends from installing a fresh air filter all the way through to engine rebuilds, and while there's plenty do in between them, one thing that can often be overlooked is ensuring your timing chain is adequately tensioned. 

It's essential to stay on top of engine maintenance to make sure it continues to perform at its best, all while preventing a costly mechanical failure. A timing chain on a four-stroke dirt bike needs to be well maintained so that the engine can work efficiently, and while your bike does come with an automatic one as standard, they tend to stretch, and that's why you should consider a manual cam chain tensioner from Tokyomods.

A manual cam chain tensioner is highly recommended when rebuilding the top end of your dirt bike where you're replacing the used timing chain with a brand new cam chain, which allows you to minimise any serious mistakes when installing. 

Step 1 is to ensure your engine is Top Dead Centre (TDC) and not on the overlap stroke. You can reference your owners' manual to see how to check if your engine is TDC. It's also recommended to remove the valve cover of your dirt bike engine to be certain it's TDC and on the compression stroke, where you'll see the cam lobes facing up. 

Step 2 is the simple task of removing the OEM cam chain tensioner. This is generally a case of removing the bolts followed by taking off the standard cam chain tensioner itself. 

Step 3 involves installing your new Tokyomods cam chain tensioner. Start with the two 6mm bolts initially and only tighten halfway - make sure you don't completely tighten them. 

Step 4 requires you to adjust the centre screw so that it touches the cam chain slider inside the engine - at that point, keep screwing the centre bolt in until the tensioner body is 2mm away from the cylinder. The reason for this is that it will give you 2mm of preload on the timing chain when the 6mm bolts are tightened. 

Step 5 is a case of tightening the 6mm bolts - ensure you tighten them evenly and to the correct torque (this information will be included in your Tokyomods package). 

Step 6 is finishing off by tightening the lock nut while holding the centre adjusting bolt - ensure you don't change the preload adjustment in the process. Once you've completed this, the installation is all finished. 

Just like most important parts on your dirt bike, tensioning your cam chain is maintenance you should be regularly carrying out. Tokyomods recommends checking your cam chain tension every five hours of riding.

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