As a racer it is essential to keep your bike running at its best and maintained to a high standard. We push for our customers to take care of their machines and optimise the capability and performance each time they hit the track and ride more! Four-stroke engines in dirt bikes have a timing chain that needs to be kept in good condition for the engine to work efficiently from OEM. Cam chain tensioners are one of the many tools we offer to keep the engine turning over and keeping you on the track as much as possible!

Over time the OEM tensioner can stretch just like a normal chain and sprocket on the drivetrain of the dirt bike, and this is where the manual cam chain tensioner adjuster comes into play. We offer timing chain tensioners from Tokyomods for a range of KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki models! New 4 stroke motors are pretty strong in the sense of motocross engines and offer a great all-round package. However, if you do need to rebuild the top end of the dirt bike and replace the used timing chain with a new cam chain we highly recommend getting yourself one of these manual tensioner tools to minimise any serious flaws with the fitment on a dirt bike. As well as new tensioners and engine gaskets to replace your OEM parts upon a rebuild or standard service we offer a large range of tools for the shed and for the carry on toolbox at the track. All of which play a major role in keeping the bike in prime condition.

Next time you are chasing a new timing chain to attach to your dirt bikes camshaft be sure to check out the range of cam chain tensioners to ensure you fit the parts properly!