100k Instagram TT-R110 Giveaway

Competitions & Winners  |  14 June 2020

100k Instagram TT-R110 Giveaway main image

To celebrate a huge milestone for MXstore, we wanted to do something pretty cool. We are hugely appreciative of all of our customers and supporters here at MXstore, and for us to hit the 100,000 followers mark on Instagram means a lot to our company. As a way of saying thank you to all of those who support us, we decided to run this competition to give all of our loyal followers a chance to win our new 2020 Yamaha TT-R110!

A huge congratulations to our two major winners, Adrian Nette in NSW and Ben Honner in SA. Adrian's passion for riding stems from building confidence in his young girls and developing their family bonds in the shared experiences of riding together, and he was over the moon to find out they had won a brand new bike! Ben simply loves riding and it is his favourite thing to do, and he was so excited to learn that he and his younger brother have won a new bike for them to share!

We were completely overwhelmed by the amount of amazing entries we had in this competition, and although we can only choose two winners, we'll definitely be doing more of these kind of giveaways in the future, so stay tuned! Thank you to everyone for your continued support, and congratulations again to Adrian and Ben.

  • MXstore 110 Giveaway TTR Yamaha
  • MXstore 110 Yamaha Giveaway

We saved our best upgrade for last, and trust us, this one was not planned! Given the incredible response to the 110 giveaway, we decided to go buy another 110 for you guys, so now we have two major prize winners. It's been amazing to see how many entries have come in, and we couldn't be more stoked to have a second 110 up for grabs for you legends! If you've already entered, you're now in the running for both bikes, and if you haven't got your entry in, there's still time!!

  • TTR110 MXstore Graphics Kit
  • NineTwo Decals MXstore Graphics Kit 110

This was the one we've been looking forward to the most... a fresh custom NineTwo Decals Graphics Kit! The red plates with the #100 was an absolute must, and of course, sharing the love with our brand partners on the 110 project. We've just launched a new line of standardised MXstore Graphics Kits from the guys at NineTwo, so make sure you check them out if you like the look!

  • MXstore TT-R110 Pro Circuit Exhaust
  • MXstore TT-R110 Pro Circuit T6 Exhaust

We wanted to start our 110 upgrades with a bang, so naturally, the exhaust was the best place to start. We decided to go with a Pro Circuit T-6 Exhaust System, complete with carbon fibre end cap to really look the part on our TT-R! If this thing was cool to start with, it's on a whole new level now. And wait till you hear how good it sounds! Many thanks to the legends at Pro Circuit for helping with this one.

  • Michelin Tyres 110 MXstore Giveaway
  • Michelin Tyres MXstore 110 Giveaway

Fresh rubber is hard to go past when it comes to upgrading your machine, and our 110 was no different. Our friends at Michelin definitely agree and were stoked to help out with a set of Michelin Tyres for this little beauty. Power to the ground is essential, especially when it comes to playtime on a 110, and Michelin is definitely one of the leaders when it comes to high performance dirt bike tyres.

  • Strike Seats 110 MXstore Giveaway
  • Strike Seats MXstore 110 Giveaway

A fresh seat cover is a necessity to any bike makeover, and our friends at Strike Seats were more than happy to help out with this little upgrade! Keeping the theme consistent with the rest of our TT-R110 one, we went with a gripper ribbed option in full black with blue ribs. Adding some extra traction to your seat so you're not sliding around is always a great option, so if you're looking to keep your bum a bit more secure on your seat, check out our Strike Seat Covers today.

  • 110 Funnelweb Filter MXstore
  • MXstore 110 Giveaway Funnelweb Filters

Funnelweb Filters are without a doubt one of the leading brands when it comes to aftermarket Dirt Bike Air Filters, so we're stoked to not only chuck a ride ready filter in our TT-R110 for our winner, but they'll also score themselves a couple of extra Funnelweb Filters for future use! Taking care of your machine is a necessity no matter what age you are, so we wanted to make sure our winner has a solid supply of Funnelweb Air Filters to keep their new 110 running in tip top condition!

  • MXstore TTR110 Giveaway Tile 1
  • MXstore TTR110 Giveaway Tile 2

Now, this one is going to be super simple. All you need to do for your chance to win is hit the Enter Now button either below or at the top of the page, where you'll need to submit a photo that "Best describes your passion for dirt bikes" along with an accompanying caption. We want to make sure our winner is someone who truly loves our sport, so choose carefully when submitting your photo. And the best thing about a 110 - they're suitable for both adults and kids to have fun on, so anyone can win!

Be sure to follow along on our MXstore Socials or check back in on this page throughout the competition, as we might be adding some trick parts to our 110 along the way. And it's not just our the 110 that's up for grabs, we've also got some cool prizes to win along the way, just by entering! We've got a bunch of MXstore merchandise packs, Pro Circuit Exhaust Plugs, two Strike Seat Covers, and even a complete MXstore Graphics kit to be won from NineTwo Decals

Terms & Conditions

  • Competition is for Australian Residents Only
  • Winners announced Sunday July 19th
  • Competition runs from 14/06/2020 until @mxstore Instagram hits 100k followers
  • Winner announced 7 days after the competition closes
  • Must be following @mxstore on Instagram to be eligible
  • Submit your photo that "Best describes your passion for dirt bikes" with an accompanying caption
  • This is a test of skill - the winner will be decided based upon their photo entry
  • Photos are encouraged to be the users own, either of themselves or one they have taken
  • By submitting your photo, you are giving permission to MXstore to share it on their @mxstore social accounts
  • Limit 1 entry per user
  • MXstore employees and their immediate family are not permitted to enter
  • MXstore will cover transport costs of shipping to bike to the winner if necessary
  • Dirt bike riding can be dangerous, competition winner does so at their own risk

Comments (104)


i'm 14 and stuck on a pee wee 80 it can barely make it up a hill with me on it and i'm looking for an upgrade and mum and dads money is tight at the moment so it will be another couple of years untill i get one thanks, jesse

jesse cowen on 15 February 2021
Hi Jesse! Sadly our TTR comp has now closed but be sure to enter our CRF competition for your chance to win: https://www.mxstore.com.au/blog/competitions-winners/win-1-of-2-honda-crf110s/ Best of luck legend! Cheers, MXstore
MXstore Response

All I dream about is riding motor bikes

I am in grade four and I dream of motor bikes all day long. My passion is motor bikes. I am always asking mum and dad for a new motor bike money is hard . They are working so hard to one day possibly buy a bike. It’s tricky for them as my other two brothers also want a motor bike. I enjoy motor bike riding so much and I dream of riding this bike.

Charlie Poynton on 24 September 2020
Hi Charlie, We are stoked to hear that you have a strong passion for motorbikes!! Unfortunately, our TTR competition has ended and our lucky winners have already received their new TTR's. :) Make sure to keep an eye out on our website and social media pages as we hope to have more epic competitions like this in the future! We also have our 2021 Rider Support Competition coming up next year! I hope that you are able to achieve your dream and one day have your very own bike so that you and your brothers can go riding together and create a lot of fun memories! Wishing you all the best! Have a good one you little legend!!
MXstore Response

bike for my little sister

i would love this bike for my little sister she would love this for her first bike

riley john weekes on 29 July 2020

Ttr 110

Hey there i want to win your guys ttr 110 bc my little sister need and upgrade if my little sister win your guys 110 she will be so happy

Josh on 27 July 2020

This bike is awesome

I would love this bike because I could use it at the dome on Tuesday nights

Bradley van trump on 27 July 2020

TTR 119

I would like to win because my bike just broke and we also have neibours that complaining because I have a 2 stroke so it would be nice to win a four stroke so the neibours don’t complain

Darcy on 25 July 2020

would like to win

I would like to win thing because I have been looking bike for about two year now I just haven't found one. i want to be like my dad and race bikes and follow in his foot steeps. i had a bike but never got to ride it because it would never start up no matter what me and my dad did to it it just would work. this would be the best opportunity for me.

25 July 2020

Beat life's badluck

Me and my partner love riding together, but recently due to covid my jobs been lost and I am struggling to keep our bikes with not much money coming in! We are need of a miracle and this would be a start to keep this bike we would be stoked

Michael on 23 July 2020

Win bike to ride

Win the bike to go riding with my son

Sean Easterbrook on 20 July 2020

Like Mother Like Daughter!

Great competition. I would like to win the TTR 110 for my daughter. She has just started riding and has fallen in love with motorbikes like I did when I was her age. She has already got a TTR 50 and ready for the next step up. No fear, flat out and having a wild time....

Skye on 18 July 2020

TTR 110

I would really love to win this motorbike for my little brother because he has gotten to big for his old bike and my parents can’t afford to buy him a new one.

Harry on 18 July 2020


During this covid time there would be nothing better than to jump on one of those TTR110 and act like a real kid again :]

michael hyde on 17 July 2020

Adventure Time

We are pretty new to the dirt bike community and the 110 would be the perfect addition for us to continue to learn about the fun and thrills of dirt bikes. New adventures await with every twist of the throttle.

Bradley on 15 July 2020

For my boy

After losing his best mate and dad as a 13 year old I would love to see him win this and put a smile on his face. His old bike is. It working anymore.

Selina on 15 July 2020

A Bike To Ride With My Boys

All my boys are bike mad and are always bugging me to get a bike to ride with them. Problem is that all my money goes into their bikes and gear! I’d love a bike to be able to go out with them and make great memories!

Erin Catanzariti on 14 July 2020

i love the dirt bike community

i would love to win this yami as my family is really struggling with money and i want to teach my sister how to ride a bike as she she has special needs but loves the sport i am so passionate about motorbikes i hope one day i can make it to america racing and do the best i can for my family i want to teach some of my friends to ride and this bike would mean so much to me and my parents but even if i don’t win i hope who ever gets this bike is as grateful as i am and has the best time good luck to everyone out there

adrian timothy on 13 July 2020


Love to ride dirt bikes but the 250 can be hard to swing around and have fun on would love to pop wheelie everywhere on this 110 and get real low in the corners

Kaden Humphris on 13 July 2020

TT-r 110

Would love a ttr 110. My ttr 230 is a great bike but I need it to try new things and for my little brother so he will have a bike aswell

13 July 2020

For my sister

My sister has always wanted a dirt bike and my parents never got her one. I think i would make her day with this. Thanks MXStore, you guys are the best.

Sam on 13 July 2020


would love this bike for all the young ones to have a crack at the big rides with. would mean so much to me if I won this

Max on 13 July 2020

ttr 110

I would love to have this bike just so I have a spare and to practice on to get my riding better.

jaykob on 13 July 2020

Ttr 110

I would love to win a TTr 110 because all of my mates have one and I can’t afford to buy one for my self.

Brodie on 12 July 2020

Yami giveaway

I love mxstore

Ryan Nicholls-Hughes on 12 July 2020

This ttr 110 would be awesome

I would love to win this 110 because I have got a kx 250f right now and I would love to have a second bike just to ride around the house when I am bored and I am so passionate at riding dirtbikes.

Zach smit on 9 July 2020

This would be the best thing in life to win

I'm looking for a bike for my partner as we have been together for nearly 10 years now, this would have to be the best thing in the world right now if I was to win this as my partner would love to learn how to ride a dirt bike so we could go for a ride together either up the beach when we go camping or in the state forest for an explorer.

Jesse Bushell on 7 July 2020

I love riding dirt bikes, it’s my favourite sport!

I would LOVE to win this pit bike as I do really like the Yamaha brand and I have been asking mum and dad for a pit bike to rip around and practice at home because we don’t have that much room for me to ride my big bike but we can’t afford one at the moment. I would also love to help teach my niece and nephew how to ride properly and then I would be able to ride at there same speed as them and help coach them.

Elisha D’Angelo on 7 July 2020

Would love a bike

Hey my name is Jordan I have always loved dirt bikes and I’ve never had one before only ridin on a mates bike. All my mates have got dirt bikes and go riding with each other all the time. I really want to go riding with them as well and I’d beyond appreciate this I couldn’t begin to tell you how greatful I’d be if I won this beautiful ttr 110.

Jordan on 7 July 2020

TTR- 110

if i do win i will be happy i can not afford a dirt bike but i got lots of land and i have loved dirt bikes for years thank you best of luck to every one (:

Liam on 6 July 2020

Awesome Bike

Love to win this for my son.

6 July 2020

10 year old daughter woth CF

I have a daughter 10 years of age . Huge passion for bikes. Big smiles when i drink her on the ktm . I bought a 49cc quad but they have all outgrown it . My 10 year old has cystic fibrosis so alot of hospital trips and physio etc , besides all that i think this bike would be the icing on the cake for her, to be able to actually come out bush with me on the tracks instead of putting around my yard on the back would nake her world . Cheers guys

Sean Wandin-Acott on 6 July 2020

dardy bike to give to my cousin

i would love to win this bike to do some mad wheelies on and then give to my little cousin who needs a 110 badly

ashton on 3 July 2020

sick ass little pitty

id love to win this to do some mad wheelies on and to give to my little cousin who needs a dirt bike about the size of a ttr 110

ashton on 2 July 2020

I want a bike for riding for fun and to teach my y

I would love to win this bike because I love Yamaha it’s my favourite brand I’ve always wanted a pit bike that’s branded not a Chinese one I also like want it to teach my younger cousin to ride because he loves motorbikes and all my friends have put bikes so I want one so I can ride with them and it can help me and others get better at riding I’m young myself and I’m still getting better at riding but I really want it for my cousin

George on 1 July 2020

I would do anything to win this

I dream about owning a dirt bike and going out for rides with my mates but can't afford one.

Sean on 1 July 2020

For the misses

I’d love to have this for My misses so she no longer has to sit and watch me smile she can have the same feeling of strapping her helmet on and just smiling all day

Bradley Sutcliffe on 29 June 2020


Hugo has champion Potential and an attitude to get there ; His dad has 10 kids not 1 and 7 ride so Hugo always gets worn bikes and deserves a brand new one.

Zaq on 29 June 2020

TTR 110❤️❤️

Just would love it to rip around on because I only have a 2 stroke and there is nothing but going fast. Full throttle in power band or hard on the brakes there is not much in between. And with this I can just ride around and and not have to be in race mode

Conner on 28 June 2020

For my girl.

All my daughter wants is a Yamaha TTR 110. She'd love to keep up with her Daddy and bro, as she's out grown the Peewee 50. Motorbike riding is like a religion in our family.

Jayde Martin on 27 June 2020

TTR 110

Would love to win this so i could ride along side with my little girl on her 50 Thanks guys best of luck

Arron on 26 June 2020

For my Wife

I want to win this for wife, she has been bugging me for a while so she can come out to have fun riding as well.

Bruce on 25 June 2020

TTR110 would be the perfect first bike for my son.

Yes please!

Max on 25 June 2020

yea the 110

the 110 would be golden id love to go for a pitty ride with the boys

pat on 25 June 2020

My brother is always the one that is left out :/

I would love to win the TTR 110 as my brother always comes to qmp and all the motocross tracks and just sits there watching bike vids all day. He is 10 years old and did have an old clapped out kx65 that’s blew up and it was abit much for him so I feel like the TTR 110 would be the perfect bike for him and he wouldn’t feel left out when all of our friends are riding and he isn’t. #100K

Caleb Biggs on 24 June 2020

TTR 110

I would really appreciate this but I get some other people need it more than me but can you please consider this from me I have always bought my parts from mxstore it is my favourite store I have had to pay for my yz250f my self I have saved all my money for it and I am 12 i also wanted a little pit bike to help on the farm because it is really hilly to ride my yz250f and I have built a little track but I don’t have a pit bike to ride on it so please consider this and I would really appreciate it thanks

Calum James Tobin on 23 June 2020

So fun

I would be so happy to get this ttr 110 just to ride around with mates and have fun

22 June 2020


It would be so great to get this ttr 110 just to ride around with my mates and have a great time

Oliver Furlong on 22 June 2020

Trying to help my family with a bike

Just trying to help out the family and get a bike for the young one's to learn to ride on and have fun with

Jim Brown on 22 June 2020

My brother is always the one that is left out :/

I would love to win the TTR 110 as my brother always comes to qmp and all the motocross tracks and just sits there watching bike vids all day. He is 10 years old and did have an old clapped out kx65 that’s blew up and it was abit much for him so I feel like the TTR 110 would be the perfect bike for him and he wouldn’t feel left out when all of our friends are riding and he isn’t. #100K

Caleb Biggs on 22 June 2020

TTR 110

I would die for a brand new bike, always had to work my ass off to buy my own bikes and have never had a brand new one. A 110 would be the coolest thing to rip around on

Tom Ferguson on 22 June 2020

For my birthday

I would love to win because I’ve always wanted a 110 and I would love to have a 110 for my 11th birthday on July 13 it’s not very fun riding a 50 all the time

Riley Gough on 22 June 2020

To bikes between 12 grandkids

I have entered in the comp to try win this for my nieces and nephews as they are sharing 2 bikes between all 12 of the kids and they all love motorbikes

Justin Davis on 22 June 2020

My dream

I always dreamed of riding with the boys and having a dirt bike

sebastian on 22 June 2020

I would love to win this 110 ttr❤

My sister is on a ttr 90 and is getting a bit big for it and she really wants a bigger bike and is her dream to win this i told her about it and she is very excited and she really wants this bike and is keen to see who gets this wonderfull bike. I have bought multiple things and i have like 1 million book

Declan! on 21 June 2020

Fun for all the family

Having a range of bikes keeps the family outdoors and enjoying nature at a great rate of K'S

Glenn Murcutt on 21 June 2020


I would love to win the bike for our foster children to ride on and experience what I got to grow up doing

Nic davis on 21 June 2020

TTR 110

I would love this bike for me so I can send hard

fred stuckey on 21 June 2020

TTR 110

I would love to win this for my son, Unfortunately we are unable to buy him a new bike because we've had to put him through a course to help children with learning issues and it broke the bank.

Petrina Woods on 21 June 2020


Would love to win the 110 to annoy mum & dad by being able to ride at home

Noah on 21 June 2020

From Sydney and love riding.

When I ride, i feel free and as if nothing can get in the way of me. I just started competing and would really love to win this bike for my cousin as he just had his bike stolen. It would be a dream come true for him to get another bike!

Lili on 18 June 2020

Love to win TT-R110

Love to win this bike for the young fella! He would love to play on this TT-R that’s for sure!

Brendon Robertson on 18 June 2020


id love to win this 110 i just built a track in my back yard and would love a 110 to get my confidence back jumping and wheelying after fracturing back years ago. the 250 is whiskey throttle waiting to happen .. fiancé is sick of me on his 110 lol yew yew good luck guys!!! :) time to get back on the steel pony and get this confidence backkkk :)

rebecca knight on 18 June 2020

What an awesome competition!

Huge props to you guys at MXStore, what an awesome competition that everyone can participate in! So much fun to be had on a 110!

Jye Stovell on 17 June 2020

Imagine a book title “jumping the gap” By Willy ma

Would even tuck this in at night

Matt landon on 17 June 2020

Alex’s dream

Really want this bike but I can’t afford another bike so this is my only chance

Alex on 17 June 2020

Like mother, like son!

Would love to win this bike for my son! He has joined my passion for dirt bike riding and would be great if he had a bike to keep up with me!

Jodi Fenton on 17 June 2020

Alex’s dream

Really want this bike but I can’t afford another bike so this is my only chance

Alex on 17 June 2020

For my girlfriend

I would love to win this bike for my girlfriend because she loves motorbikes and what a better bike to learn on, this would be an awesome prize to win!

Nathan Everett on 17 June 2020

My 2001 xr 100 blew up and I cant afford to fix i

I would really like to win this TTR 110 because I really want to ride with my friends again and I don't have enough money to fix my bike or buy a new bike.

cooper cashen on 17 June 2020

Dirtbike crazy!

My son is not happy to share his KLX 140 with his sister! Imagine all the fun my kids will have if they both have their own bike.....

karin Fouche on 16 June 2020

Pay it forward

Our Junior Rugby League club recently got broken into 3 weeks after a renovation was done and damaged thousands of dollars and hard work our club has put into it. I'm wanting to donate this bike to the club to raise money for repairs and new equipment as it's been a hard stuggle over the covid 19 our club has lost a lot of funds during this time and most of all the kids have missed out on a season of footy so I'm not wanting this for myself but for my 7 yr old sons footy club Bribie Island Warrigals

John Wadey on 16 June 2020

Family rides

Proper stoked to win the bike for my kid so I can take him riding with me and do some father son bonding on the track.

Cory.B on 16 June 2020

Makin memories

Would love to be able to follow my girls around on their pw50

Chris on 16 June 2020

*rev limiter

I’d live to win this bike because my 10 year brother has grown up watching me ride bikes all the time and has been wanting to lean but my bikes are way to big and the ttr110 would be the ideal bike for his hight and age, winning this bike would mean me getting to teach him everything I’ve learnt and him being able to get into the sport

Jai Te maari nixon on 16 June 2020

Yamaha TTR110

Would love to win this for my kids. Mum would be at the top of the pack for once lol!

Fiona Thorns on 16 June 2020

Braaaap boys

Just wanna join my balas and braaaap around onthere 110 track

Blake Ruffy on 16 June 2020

For my nephew

I would love To get this bike because I just started motor cross and my nephew always wants his first motorbike

Tim on 16 June 2020

It is for my friend

My mate loves motorbikes but hasn't got one. He uses my bike when we go to the motocross track. So it would be awesome to win it for him

Lachie on 16 June 2020

Good Luck Everyone!!

All the very best of luck to everyone!

Marc James Templeman on 16 June 2020

TTR 110

sorry guys im 53 and dont Know what a Instagram is or how to do it i think this is unfair

glen welsh on 16 June 2020

TTR 110

Would love to win it for the grandchildren. Encouraged my son and he is addicted, must keep the tradition going, build support for the sport and strengthen the future of the industry.

Chris Grant on 16 June 2020

Winner winner chicken dinner

Would absolutely love to win me and my friends go riding all the time but unfortunately I’m constantly having to borrow or hire a bike would love to win one of my own

Kaisha on 16 June 2020

This bike would be my life

I did have a bike but it was taken away from me because of an accident that scared my dad I would absolutely love to get back into riding on a pit bike and get heller stoked

Will read on 16 June 2020

Winner winner chicken dinner

I want to win because I love bikes but don’t own one myself I think it would be a fantastic opportunity to get out with my friends and family and go riding like we usually do and I won’t have to hire one this time

Kaisha jackson on 16 June 2020

TTR 110

I would love to win this bike because my neighbours don’t like me riding a loud bike so I at least might be able to ride a 110

Brandon Pfeiffer on 16 June 2020

New wheels

Who wouldn’t want a new bike, would be 3rd child’s first not handed down bike. Gotta love hand me downs but he would be wrapped to get something of his own, just send it !!

15 June 2020

Winning the ttr110 would be amazing

I would love to win the ttr so I could teach my partner how to ride. I’ve been pushing her to get on a bike but my bike is just too big for her learn on. Winning the ttr110 would be the perfect bike for to learn on so she can also come riding with me.

Tiago on 15 June 2020

Two kids one bike

My kids and I love bikes that much I made a track for them but where sharing my son's bike at the moment to win this would be awesome.

Ronald Gehrke on 15 June 2020

Great bike

I would love to win this bike for my sister because she loves to ride but she can’t get one

Blake on 15 June 2020

The tf-110 giveaway

I would love to win this bike as don’t get to ride often because my bike has blown up. It would be great to get back into riding again!

Wil kenchington on 15 June 2020

I would like to win this ttr 110

I would like this 110 for a fun bike and for my neice to learn how to ride

William tait on 15 June 2020

Yamaha I NEED Ya

Long weekend was approaching. Camping with my dad. Bike on the trailer. Rode it for 1 day and the engine blew up. Had to spend the next 3 days watching everyone else ride their bikes. Sad weekend. The TTR R110 looks cool as! My 13th birthday is in September. This would be the ultimate present!

Anthony on 15 June 2020

I would like to win this bike for my god brother

He loves motorbikes but he can’t afford one and for so long he has ask his parents but they say later and it is his birthday soon hopefully I will win it for him

Aiden on 15 June 2020

For my brother

I was down the creek one day swimming and left my Brothers 2012 try 110 next to a tree and some boys came And thrashed it and trashed the bike. Don’t have enough money to buy new bike because it got ridden off so it would be great.

Ashley Pitts on 15 June 2020


I would love to win this TTR 110 for my younger sister as I would love to teach her how to ride a dirt bike then she would be able to ride with me as I have a 250. My parents cant afford to get her a dirt bike as they are struggling and they would love to see her have her own bike as we do go camping with friends and they do have dirt bikes as well.

Matthew surace on 15 June 2020

TTR 110

I’ve got a crf 125 f and it’s really old and stuff and I’d also love another dirt bike

Callum Segger on 15 June 2020

Bike passion

I’d love to win this bike for my son as he trains really hard to become a better rider. There’s no doubt a lot of other people would love n deserve to win this bike but I also have a son who autistic n gets left a lot n we don’t have a bike for him, if we win this bike my other boys could move up a bike n the little one could have a bike that way all my boys have a bike, I’m a single mother n I do my best.

Bridget Murphy on 15 June 2020

Want to win it for my brother

Hey I would love to win it bc my little brother wants the same dirt bike as that and I want to surprise him with it if I win bc he has a 110 that blowed up on him and his birthday is next week

Lincoln on 15 June 2020


I’ve entered the competition for my boys. The look on my kids faces if they won a new dirt bike would be priceless! Plus the bike they have is getting a bit too small.

Jade Wright on 15 June 2020

I would like to win it for my daughter

I would love to win it for my daughter cause always watch her brother's ride there bikes around and she 10 years old now she been ride bike since she was 5year old she's still got her little peewee 50 the one that I had when I was a her age I passed mine on to her

Kristy on 15 June 2020

The wife needs a bike to learn how to ride

I usually take the bike out most weekends an sometimes my wife tags along, she sits in the car an reads a book or goes for a Bush walk while im out riding but i would love for her to get in on the action. The YZ is a little to much for beginner an the little 110 would be perfect for her to learn on. Our anniversary is coming up an i would love to surprise her with this little beauty.

Dylan Robertson on 15 June 2020

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