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With hundreds of dirt bike goggles available, choosing the right MX goggles for your riding can get overwhelming. 

In this article, we guide you in the right direction for making your next dirt bike goggle purchase.

What goggles are right for me?

As with any form of protective riding gear, the best goggles for you are the best ones you can afford. If you're riding competitively, investing in a number of mid-range to premium goggles is incredibly important, not only for comfort and protection, but also reliability as well - the last thing you need is your goggles failing mid-moto. If you're riding recreationally, a pair of mid-range MX goggles will be perfect, although if your budget doesn't permit, a pair of entry-level goggles is far better than wearing nothing at all.

Are there different goggles for different conditions?

Yes and no - let us explain! Most dirt bike bikes goggles are designed for all conditions, however there are different accessories that can tailor them for specific conditions. Things such as roll-off systems are a must racing in Australia, as tear-offs are only permitted at events with exemptions. Roll-offs are also incredibly handy for muddy and sandy events, where you need to clean your vision excessively. There are also different lenses for different conditions - such as dual-lens anti-fog for cool conditions, yellow/amber lens for low-light, tinted lenses and light-sensitive lenses. Having a selection of these accessories on-hand will allow you to tailor your off-road motorbike goggles when conditions change. You can learn more about them here: Motocross Goggle Technology Guide

What are the main differences between entry-level and premium dirt bike goggles?

Motocross and enduro goggles widely range in prices, with some entry-level offerings, like the Fly Racing Focus, starting at $36.95, while a selection of premium offerings, such as the Oakley Airbrake, go for $279.95. There's a substantial difference in price between the two, but there's also a major difference in design and comfort.

Majority of entry-level goggles, which are usually under the $60 mark, are a bare-basic goggle - they generally have a basic frame, clear lens, two-layer face foam, lower field of view, and the strap attaches right onto the goggle frame itself.

Premium motocross goggles feature big differences in design - most will utilise an 'outrigger' construction, which you'll see on the Scott Prospect goggle or Oakley Airbrake MX goggle, and that means the strap is attached to 'outriggers' which are then attached to goggle frame. This ensures the goggle has the perfect fit and placement on a rider's face, and isn't hindered by the helmet.

Top-end goggles will have the most advanced face foam, and this generally comes in the form of triple-layer foam with moisture-wicking features. Internally, the frame is matte black, or a dark colour, which reduces glare, and the frame and lens combination is designed to give you the maximum amount of peripheral vision. 

The other key factor is that premium goggles are designed to seamlessly integrate with the manufacturers' premium roll-off system, which is essential for any motocross or enduro racer, while the lens that is fitted as standard usually offers greater eye protection in the way of a stronger and more robust lens.
You can learn more about the latest dirt bike goggle features here: Motocross Goggle Technology Guide

How do I know if my goggles will fit my helmet?

Most modern dirt bike goggles and helmets are designed to seamlessly fit and accommodate each other, however there are potential circumstances where they won't. It's always recommended that if you have a youth helmet, that you use youth goggles, and if you have an adult helmet, you use adult goggles. This will prevent the possibility of a pair of goggles being too big or small for your helmet.

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glasses under goggles

So it's totally not cool, but sadly some of us do have to wear glasses under our goggles. What kind of goggle guide doesn't tell you which models are designed for this?

Ollie on 18 September 2018
Hi Ollie, thanks for leaving us a comment! We do have in the guide "If you wear prescription glasses there are also "OTG" (over the glasses) goggles which have a deeper frame to allow room for your spectacles too!" - Here is the link: If you have any further questions about OTG goggles or would like some help in picking the right goggle for you, contact our customer service legends and they would be more than happy to help you out :)
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