Fly Racing Focus goggles are one of our best value-for-money MX goggles that offer great features and comfort with a minimal price tag. If you're new to the motocross scene and can't yet justify forking out exuberant amounts of money for premium motocross gear in case it's not a hobby you stick to or you don't have the time you thought you would have to ride, then these are the goggles for you. Minimal outlay and maximum fun, these goggles will be sure to please those who want a reliable pair of eyeball protection that will last you through the seasons. 

Available in a range of bright and bold colours with a high gloss finish, these goggles will look fresh wear after wear so that you can get maximum use out of them without them looking tired and old. With adults and kids sizing options, there's something here for a whole family of moto riders! A pliable and comfy frame gives you excellent peripheral vision so that you can see more without having to turn your head and lose focus on the road ahead. An anti-fog, anti-scratch lens will put up with all sorts of abuse and won't get scratched up resulting in obscured, unsafe vision.

Check out the full range of Focus goggles today and get geared up in some MX goggles that will protect you without blowing the budget.