Spark plugs are an important aspect of the offroad motocross or enduro dirt bike and provide the spark needed to ignite the air/fuel mixture. This creates the explosion which makes your dirt bike engine produce a power output. The small but effective spark plug creates a small arc of electricity from one lead to another without touching, this, along with electrical and timing equipment in the dirt bikes computer chip all contribute to the ignition system of the dirt bike. Whether you own a Honda CRF450R, KTM 125SX, Yamaha WR250, Kawasaki KLX110 we have plenty of spark plug tool options available.

Spark plug tools are important to include in the toolbox as they will assist in changing a spark plug or pulling the spark plug out to check its condition. We offer a range of ratchet style, swivel-style, and general spark plug wrench tools to accommodate your preferences. Some bikes have enough clearance to get a generic spanner or fastener hand tool to act as the spark plug remover. However, most applications require a specific spark plug socket to reach the confined areas. With the removal of the spark plug boot, the stainless steel tool can easily grab the hex head of the spark plug for easy removal. BikeService offers a thin wall spark plug socket set to make the NGK motorcycle spark plugs removal much easier. Motion Pro offers some high-quality products in the ratchet-style and wrench style depending on the preference you have for your tool kit. For additional information be sure to check out what we keep in stock on the website!