Taming a wild beast with the power of over 200 horses is only a task for an extraordinary rider. This rider must be able to find the perfect balance between being firm and gentle, between being respectful and commanding but above all he must find the balance between being on the edge and going off it. As riders, we have all struck these balances perfectly and walked away feeling like true legends and as riders, we have all missed these balances and walked away feeling like we will have to come back to fight another day.

Whether you are on a sports tourer with saddlebags carving the canyons, on a scooter commuting to work or you are on a dual-sport searching for a place to go off-road. A road jacket is a must for anyone who intends to ride their motorbike on the asphalt. Road jackets are typically constructed from leather, Kevlar, Aramid or a combination of materials that are abrasion-resistant and contain hard or soft pads in strategic places. Road jackets generally have special pockets intended for back protectors and other body armour as well as fluorescent or reflective striping to draw attention from other road users.

At MXstore we stock a large range of motorcycle jackets from all your favourite brands including Alpinestars, Dririder, Macna and Merlin. We have leather jackets for our hardcore street riders who want something sporty and safe to match their Valentino AGV full-face helmet. We have textile jackets for all our daily commuters who want something that is as breathable and as traffic friendly as a pair of anti-fog goggles. We have casual jackets for our hip riders who want something casual like a hoodie to wear with their Dainese t-shirt and we also have rain jackets for our riders who prefer to stay dry!

Whether you have a wishlist prepared or just want some expert advice from real motorcycling enthusiasts then feel free to call, email or drop into your favourite motocross store. We will run you through everything you need and want to know, so you can pick up the perfect road jacket and Ride More!