Riding on the road presents thrills and risks that cannot be matched anywhere else. The right road glove provides good feedback and offers a great deal of protection which in return helps you to manage the thrills and risks as they come.

Road gloves differ form motocross gloves and adventure gloves in both construction and the materials used.  A road glove is generally made from a combination of materials like leather, Kevlar or other Aramid materials which are abrasion resistant, allowing the glove to hold up when sliding on a rough surface like tarmac. Road gloves are also reinforced with hard impact-resistant materials that are strategically placed in/on the venerable parts of the glove, this allows the glove to hold up in the event of a big impact. Manufacturers invest a great amount of time and effort in designing motorcycle gloves that offer a perfect balance between comfort and protection for different styles of riding.

Race gloves are aimed at riders who want the maximum amount of protection. These gloves are very stiff and provide a lot of feedback, they are good on shorter rides where the limits of your self and the motorcycle are going to be tested. Typically this is a full leather glove with carbon fibre knuckles and sliders that comes up over the lower part of the forearm.

Stunt gloves are aimed at riders who have handlebars instead of clip-on's and have goggles instead of a visor. These gloves offer great impact protection and are shorter than a race glove, this style of gloves also allows for a great deal of movement.

Communing gloves are very similar to a stunt glove but they do not offer the same amount of impact protection. These gloves are very comfortable, breathable and can be used on longer rides or on daily commutes.

Adventure gloves are designed to be worn for long periods of time. These gloves are extremely comfortable and they are generally waterproof to ensure that they can withstand all weather conditions.

Winter gloves come in various levels of protection and comfort but all winter gloves keep your hands warm in on a cold winter morning. These gloves come up high over the jacket similar to a race glove to ensure a good seal against the elements.

Fingerless gloves are aimed at cruiser and scooters riders because they are comfortable and provide a lot of freedom, however, we do not recommend this style of glove for road use. This style of glove is appropriate on a mountain bike or used as other cycling gloves.

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