If you're off road riding tends to take you into the tricky spots in the bush, where you're having a crack at hill climbs and terrain that puts a lot of strain on your engine and doesn't offer much airflow, a thermo electric cooling fan can help ensure you don't overheat your bike and cause it harm. The typical dirt bike cooling system has been designed with the expectation of constant airflow moving through the cooling fins of the coolant filled radiators to maintain an optimum operating temperature. When you put your bike in a riding scenario that maintains the load on your machine, but doesn't provide the airflow - things can heat up quickly. Adding a radiator fan to your set up that kicks in when the bike reaches a particular temperature to then provide some air movement helps to get you through those tricky situations.

Here at MXstore we stock a range of Trail Tech radiator cooling fan kits for a wide variety of bikes. Available for most modern bikes such as KTM, Yamaha, Honda and Husqvarna, these clever thermo fans allow the user to select at which temperature the fan switches on, measuring the temperature thanks to a clever fin sensor. As well as items for your cooling system, we also stock a huge range of dirt bike engine parts and general parts as well. If you are keen to refresh your moto, we have all you could ever need and more. Handlebars, foot pegs, kick starts and replacement swingarm bearings - the range on offer at MXstore will have you piling up your checkout.