Most offroad Enduro dirt bikes come standard with an OEM side stand which is super convenient while out riding in flat paddocks where you cannot lean your bike on anything sturdy. Kickstands are a great addition for dirt bikes used for enduro trails or even for just around the farm but are not used for motocross riders and racers as there is no need for a side stand and it can get in the way and add weight to the dirt bike which can be a big deal in motocross. Side stands are an easily installed piece that usually bolts to the frame behind the footpeg of the dirt bike and hangs along the side of the swingarm to ensure it does not interfere with your riding while it's not in use. All of the billet motorcycle side stands are CNC machined and some are anodized to match the colour of your bike! 

These motorcycle kickstands are suited to most dirt bikes and with our My Garage section providing easy access to the products that fit your specific bike it is easy to find one for you!  We have over 50 models to select from which fit most KTM SX-f & EXC-F, Yamaha WR-F & YZ-F, Honda CRF, Husqvarna, Husaberg, Kawasaki, and Suzuki moto models and are designed so that they do not interfere with the chains and sprockets on the left-hand side of the dirt bike.  Most of our side stands are designed with inbuilt springs so that when you're riding the side stand will not drop down and interfere.  For some that do not offer the spring option, we sell-side stand straps which are made of a stretchy rubber to suit most euro bikes like KTM or Husqvarna and go around the tip of the side stand to securely fasten it to the bike. With these making things so much easier and taking away the fact you need to carry a stand everywhere make sure to chuck one on that next shopping cart!